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Healthy Living Starts Here

The Best of Nature and Science Combined to Achieve Healthy Living from the Inside Out

Meet Paula Drouin

Healthy Living Specialist  
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Hi and Welcome!


I’m not a chef. I’m not a doctor. I’m just a chick living in Maine and I’m… well, on a journey.


What is 'Healthy Living Starts Here' about:  Healthy Living is a food + wellness lifestyle blog. It’s all about showing what it looks like to balance healthy living with the busy and indulgent life. With Healthy Living I want to show that it IS possible to do both – to be passionate about nutrition and fitness, but to also indulge in all of the incredible food (and parties, activities, and so on…) that life has to offer.

To me, being healthy isn’t just about what you eat – it’s about taking care of yourself while experiencing life to the fullest, and having some FUN! 


You can learn more about me by reading My Story on Discovering Healthy Living: as a school aged girl, I played 3 varsity sports and went to summer camp... I was busy year-round and loved it! This trend carried forward through college and early career years. Fast forward to 2011 when my body started to tell me something, and it wasn't good... I wasn't accustomed to what was going on. My symptoms were I was tired all the time, cranky, my joints were starting to ache, nails and hair were struggling to look good, I was bloated and gaining weight.  My weight jumped from 127 to 160 lbs, my clothes jumped from size 6-8 to size 12-14... I was miserable!


Dec 22, 2011 at an annual appointment, my dr. discovered a lump in my neck.  She scheduled a neck scan for Dec 23 and on Dec 26 (my 47th birthday) I was in the hospital having my thyroid removed. The diagnosis: papillary micro-carcinoma (a type of thyroid cancer).  Who knew that such a little gland could cause so much havoc!! Since then I have struggled to stay balanced. My hormones have been imbalanced, my endocrine system has been imbalanced... fighting inflammation and my weight all the time... ugh, just ugh! 


Then what?

Along comes Arbonne, thank goodness!  I started my Healthy Living journey two years ago and I haven't looked back! Nothing was working to balance my body until I found a way through functional medicine, nutrition and yoga.โ€‹ Follow my Healthy Living journey and pick up some recipes and tips that may help you too!!


I'm a Healthy Living Specialist in the US with Arbonne, my life saver and an amazing company. I am honored that you have taken time out of your busy day to explore how I, through Arbonne, have changed my life... and perhaps can help enhance your life! From pure, safe, beneficial skin care, to the best health and wellness products to bring into your healthy lifestyle, and the opportunity for financial freedom too. My passion is sharing everything that this Healthy Living company has to offer and how it's helped me... I truly believe Arbonne is a gift!


Why Arbonne?

It’s not just what Arbonne puts in products that makes it superior, it’s what we choose to formulate without. We integrate the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature with the principles of green chemistry — we craft products with integrity, expertise and innovation, and we do it responsibly, taking care of our earth at the same time.

Arbonne transforms lives through pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested products; a pure, healthy lifestyle; and the pure joy of helping others.

Meet Paula
Why Healthy Living

Why Healthy Living?

It can help with


Digestion is important because your body needs nutrients from food and drink to work properly and stay healthy. Your digestive system breaks nutrients into parts small enough for your body to absorb and use for energy, growth, and cell repair. Supporting the microflora balance in the GI tract on a daily basis helps support optimal digestive health. Enzymes help break down dietary macronutrients from the foods that we eat so they can be better utilized by the body. By supplementing with enzymes daily, you are supporting daily health of your GI tract.


Science has proven that stress can cause the release of a hormone called cortisol, which can have negative effects, even in a very healthy person.  Eating healthy, exercising, limiting stress, and supplementing your diet with nutrients you need to support optimal health and wellness may help support stress relief.


What exactly does detoxing mean? It’s how your body gets rid of waste, rejuvenates and repairs. If waste builds up, we get sick. The key becomes figuring out how to enhance our body’s capacity to detoxify and get rid of waste while minimizing our exposure to toxins. This is where the 30 Days to Healthy Living program comes into play. It is a guided program so that you don't have guess at what to do, or wonder if you're detoxing correctly.


Weight loss, for me, became a by-product in my journey.  I'll explain more... explore on!  

Love Yourself

Healthy living is about making the right choices with eating habits and nutritional supplements for overall health. Your body works as a system where every function is connected, and diet and nutrition play a large role in how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside.


The skin ages in two ways:  biologically or intrinsically and environmentally or extrinsically.  A proper skincare approach along with healthy eating habits addresses both factors. 


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Dr. Tanda Cook, Naturopath, explains the 30 Days to Healthy Living program:

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT! Skin Elixir Collagen Builder with Hyaluronic Acid #6105:

Healthy Skin Within Skin Elixir Collagen


“My wife and I have used a lot of the Arbonne nutritional product line. We absolutely love that we don't have to worry about what is in the ingredients because of the company's commitment to providing pure, safe and beneficial products. On top of that, Paula is incredibly nice, thoughtful, and knows the product like the back of her hand!”

— Zach Taylor

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